A dance teacher's guide to teach a developmentally focused plug n play Princess Pre-Ballet class.

We offer valuable training in child development and classroom management strategies that will set you apart when teaching young children ballet. Not only does our course come with all the materials you need to teach the class but also with a basic system to providing a feeder program at your studio. We give you introductory training tools to successfully set apart an introductory dance class from a skilled based dance class in your business.


Princess Pre-Ballet is a plug-n-play course providing all the materials a dance teacher needs to provide a fun introductory ballet class of 12 weeks for small children.

  • Parent Welcome Letter Template

  • 12 week Lesson Script with a Breakdown of the Exercises

  • 10 Week Coloring Worksheets for Students

  • Suggested Spotify Playlist

  • Student Certificates of Completion

  • Class Management Training (using child development and behavioral science theories)

  • Positive Teaching strategies

  • Class Marketing Information

  • Performance Outline and Structure

  • 12 Week Class Schedule

Princess Pre- Ballet Teacher Course

It's a plug-n-play program that provides teachers all the information needed to run a successful princess ballet class for small children.

  • 2

    Class Management

    • Class Management Skills: Understanding thematic Learning, theories to use in class and embedded script principles
  • 3

    Materials Needed to Successfully Teach Class

    • Dance Teacher attire, Props and Spotify Playlist
    • Class Schedule
    • Class Worksheets
    • Princess Pre-Ballet Student Certificate of Completion
  • 4

    Class Marketing and Forms

    • Marketing and Performance Overview
  • 5

    Break Down of Lesson Plan

    • PB Module 1. Welcome Parents
    • PB Module 1 A. Welcome Letter Template
    • PB Module 2. Class Objectives
    • PB Module 3. Lesson plan instructions
    • PB Module 4. Royal Word
    • PB Module 5. Royal introductions
    • PB Module 6. Seated stretches
    • PB Module 7. Standing stretches
    • PB Module 8. Traveling moves
    • PB Module 9. Royal obstacle course
    • PB Module 10. Royal activities
    • PB Module 11. Performance practice
    • PB Module 12. Thank you and farewell
    • Princess Pre- Ballet Dance Lesson Script
    • Princess Pre-Ballet Quiz
  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you

Instructor: Veronica Vasquez

A past dance studio owner, experienced dance teacher with a passion and experience in early childhood development.

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