Jr. Hip Hop Tumble is a plug-n-play course providing all the materials a dance teacher needs to provide a fun introductory hip hop and tumbling class of 12 weeks for small children.

  • Parent Welcome Letter Template

  • 12 week Lesson Script with a Breakdown of the Exercises

  • Performance Outline and Structure

  • Class Marketing Information

  • 11 Week Coloring Worksheets for Students

  • Positive Teaching strategies

  • Student Certificates of Completion

  • Class Management Training (using child development and behavioral science theories)

  • Suggested Spotify Playlist

  • 12 Week Class Schedule

Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Teacher Course

Everything you need to know to run structured profitable classes that work for your business.

  • 1

    DanceMInds® Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Class Blueprint

  • 2

    Class Management

    • Class Management Skills: Understanding thematic learning, theories to use in class and embedded script principles
  • 3

    Materials Needed to Successfully Teach Class

    • Dance Teacher attire, Props and Spotify Playlist
    • Class Schedule
    • Class Worksheets
    • Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Student Certificate of Completion
    • Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Class Materials Pack
  • 4

    Class Marketing and Forms

    • Class Marketing and Forms
  • 5

    Break Down of Lesson Plans

    • Break Down of Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Lesson Plan
    • Jr. Hip Hop Tumble
  • 6

    VIDEO Breakdown of Jr. Hip Hop moves

    • Warm up
    • Lunge into seated stretches
    • Seated stretches
    • Seated Stretches (Continued)
    • Standing Exercises
    • Hip-Hop Turns
    • Traveling Moves
  • 7

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

Bundle It Up

Do you teach small children dance? Get both Princess Pre-Ballet and Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Courses, so you can expand your clientele base.

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