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This is for educators, studio owners and program directors who are looking for plug-n-play curriculum materials for recreational dance classes.

Upcoming Class Materials Sale starts January 1st

Our 50%off sale available only through January 15th!

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Our Goal

Appeal to NEW demographics and get our supporting class materials to KEEP your students engaged and YOU organized!

  • Save time

  • Adds uniformity across the same classes in your business.

  • It helps improve client engagement.

Instant Teaching Materials!

We have lesson plans, worksheets and coloring sheets available for two super popular kids classes BALLET AND HIP HOP!

For teachers looking for coaching to help bring your recreational dance business to the next level, please go to 

For teachers looking to be part of a community of inclusive educators where you receive monthly materials, lessons, and activities that support you in teaching inclusive and sensory-friendly classes. This is great for those businesses that have a program for individuals with special needs or accommodate individuals with special needs in classes.

For our membership information go to

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